Thursday, February 4, 2010

power point

This has ruined the business community. I love power point and admit that I have relied on it too heavily in the past as a teacher and presenter but man o man, how many hours have some of you wasted sitting through presentations that were just plain painful? I'm in one now and I am looking at the tip of my pencil and wondering what would be more painful... More of this or that in my ear.

Why are most seminars or presntations led by people that just aren't qualified to do it?

Let me postulate on why. They think it's easy. How many times have you heard the phrase "those that can do and those that can't, teach". Baloney. What about the life long professionals that say things like, "well, when I retire from being a lawyer/engineer/cpa/clown I think I will go into teaching." The thought process here is that anyone can do it and knoweldge in some area of expertise easily translates to a smooth transition into teaching and instruction. Good Lord that is so wrong. I have sat through enough of these seminars to have the necessary proof. Everyone thinks they are an expert and armed with a laptop, portable projector and some software, they think they can empower the masses.
There is a reason they always offer unlimited coffee at these things. Think about it.
Oh, and it feels good to be back. I've been a little busy and uninspired lately but the blogging bug is biting again.

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OrionStar77 said...

Postulate away my friend. Put that pencil down. It isn't worth it! ;) I don't like it that people think teaching is easy. It's an art form that takes time to hone and perfect, and not everyone can do it.

I liken the mind of someone who thinks they can teach to the mind of the American Idol contestant who thinks they can sing that goes on TV and proceeds to make a fool of himself or herself for the entertainment of America.

I personally feel bad for those people, but many just laugh and laugh at the blind foolishness of those poor dupes on TV.

Don't assume you are a rock star just because you're good at playing Rock Band in the comfort of your livingroom.

Keep writing. I rike it arot!