Monday, December 22, 2008

What the fishamajig?

Yep, the first time I heard it I laughed. Now, some may call me a culinary chauvanist, but I admit, as a kid I rather enjoyed the McFish sandwich, and Mrs. Paul's fish sticks (with ketchup of course). But, an item on the menu, of a sit-down restaurant, with a name like fishamajig, well, seriously.

No, I do not eat at Friendly's on a regular basis. In fact, the last time I dined at a Friendy's was against my will, and about 10 years ago. How do I know about this item? Let me fill you in...

My partner has the unfortuntate job of working for a place where it is impossible to leave the premises on the dinner or lunch hour. So, unless a group orders in, or she remembers to take something with her, she either goes hungry, or is forced to brave the sandwich vending machine. Just look at that last phrase: sandwich vending machine. I already feel a little queasy.

So, I asked her about this piece of wondrous break room technology one night when she came home, starved and ravaging the kitchen, and very casually, she reported that it was empty on that day, not even a fishamajig was left. I thought this was hilarious, and sounded precisely like some item that should exist solely in a sandwish vending machine, with the contents label torn off, too scary to even consider.

In a "distraction moment" the following day at the office, I googled this word, anxious to see what might surface. I was horrified at what I discovered. The Friendly's menu, with the word actually trademarked (see photo). And the menu description reads: "Fishamajig ® The name says it all. Tender fried cod, topped with melted American cheese and tartar sauce."

Why not call it the "watchamacod"?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite Holiday Movies and other assorted culture

I'm searching for a way to get into the holiday spirit. It has yet to really hit me. I'm frustrated with the lack of sincerity and hypocritical energy. In a continued effort to be more mindful every day, I try to enjoy the moments as they come. So, with that, a ranking of some favorite holiday-themed entertainment:

1. Elf. The Movie. I can watch this in the dead of summer. I still think it is hilarious.

2. David Sedaris - The Santaland Diaries. Crumpet the Elf at Macy's Santa Land. It's the story that made him famous.

3. David Sedaris - 6 to 8 Black Men. Is it true? Who cares, it's hysterical.

4. And of course, Ralphie from The Christmas Story...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anonymity... Good or Bad?

Well, here is my foray into the fad of blogging. Or is it a fad? Do I digress already? I'm a mess.

My choice to be anonymous (except for those to whom I reveal my identity), is based upon my desire to be candid about that which I know - stuff that happens every day. And don't we all agree that "it's funny... 'cause it's true."

By maintaining my anonymity, I can talk about my co-workers, my students, my clients, my family, and the innocent remain unharmed (especially me!). Plus, I get to keep my job(s). I'm not interested in blowing the lid off the next Watergate, just sharing a convoluted perspective on the world around me. So, in this case, anonymity is a good thing. I doubt anything will be revealed here that will put the world on its ear, and be cause for me to have my butt hauled into federal court where my sources (and identity) will need to be revealed. I do hope that I might contribute to a chuckle... after all, laughter is the best medicine (at least for me), and isn't blogging a pretty self-absorbed ambition?