Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anonymity... Good or Bad?

Well, here is my foray into the fad of blogging. Or is it a fad? Do I digress already? I'm a mess.

My choice to be anonymous (except for those to whom I reveal my identity), is based upon my desire to be candid about that which I know - stuff that happens every day. And don't we all agree that "it's funny... 'cause it's true."

By maintaining my anonymity, I can talk about my co-workers, my students, my clients, my family, and the innocent remain unharmed (especially me!). Plus, I get to keep my job(s). I'm not interested in blowing the lid off the next Watergate, just sharing a convoluted perspective on the world around me. So, in this case, anonymity is a good thing. I doubt anything will be revealed here that will put the world on its ear, and be cause for me to have my butt hauled into federal court where my sources (and identity) will need to be revealed. I do hope that I might contribute to a chuckle... after all, laughter is the best medicine (at least for me), and isn't blogging a pretty self-absorbed ambition?

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Rigel said...

Welcome! Unknown blogger!